Indian Poker Player Aditya Agarwal Finishes 212th in WSOP

AdityaAgarwalIndian poker player Aditya “Intervention” Agarwal might not have made it to the final table of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, but he definitely succeeded in finishing in the 212th place and taking home a large cash prize of $42,990.

As many as 68 players were left playing at the end of the fifth day of the WSOP Main Event, which is being held at the Rio in Las Vegas. The final nine players of the event will be known as the November Nine as they will meet again on November 4 to play for the jackpot. Aditya Agarwal was the last Indian poker player to be left playing at the tables. The Indian poker player who busted before Aditya was Vivek Rajkumar.

Throughout the event, Aditya Agarwal had been posting updates on his Facebook profile. As soon he busted, he posted: “Out 219th lost KJ vs 99 for 500kish pot, thanks a lot for the support, really appreciate it guys…..back home on 18th.”

The chip leader of the sixth day is Sami Rustom, who has more than 7 million chips in his stack. Poker players Jim Collopy, J. C. Tran, and Yevgeniy Timoshenko are also still in the WSOP Main Event action.

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