Kerala Government Drops Lottery Ads Featuring Sreesanth

pics lotteryThe government of Kerala has decided that the face of cricket player S. Sreesanth is not the best on advertisements for its lottery games. According to K. M. Mani, the state minister for finance, the government took this decision after the police arrested the bowler for alleged involvement in match fixing.

Mani told reporters that the state government has decided to cancel all state lottery advertisements featuring Sreesanth now that the police have registered a case against the player.

The Delhi police had arrested Sreesanth, along with a couple of players belonging to the Rajathan Royals, in Mumbai. The trio stood accused of receiving a large amount of money for fixing some of the matches in the present edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Although the government has cancelled lottery ads featuring Sreesanth, movie director P. Balachandra Kumar is determined that Sreesanth should star his bilingual movie called Big Picture. The director is quite confident that the match fixing allegations will neither affect his movie nor the cricket star’s reputation. He also cited the example of Sanjay Dutt, stating that Dutt continues to have admirers in spite of being in jail.

Sreesanth is the second cricket player from Kerala to represent India.

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