Calcutta Monsoon Meet 2013 to Begin on July 16

calcutta monsoonThe Calcutta Monsoon Meet 2013 will begin on July 16 and conclude on October 15, 2013. The meet will comprise 162 horse races, spread over three months, and 40 of these races will be cup events.

The monsoon season has advertised stake money of over Rs. 7.57 crore this year, which is much more than the Rs. 6.65 crore advertised last year. The cups and the trophies will be worth more than Rs. 10 lakh this year. Besides, the handicap race stakes have been increased by 20 percent.

‘A’ licenses have been granted to 20 trainers. Horse satta enthusiasts must note that Bharath Singh, the champion of last year’s monsoon season, will be absent this time, but his brother Vijay Singh is expected to present a good performance along with Patrick Quinn, his brother-in-law. The other trainers worth noting during this monsoon season are Javed Khan, Arti Doctor, H. S. Bath, and Daniel David. Sabeel Ulla Shariff is a new ‘A’ license holder.

‘A’ licenses have also been issued to 30 jockeys and ‘B’ licenses to 5 jockeys. The most prominent of these jockeys will be Shailesh Shinde, Christopher Alford, and Imran Chisty.

The Calcutta races will be streamed live on

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