Football Gains Popularity among Kerala High School Girls

women football india betWomen’s football satta will soon become something that people actually watch, and maybe bet on in India because Indian high school girls, especially those hailing from Kerala, have developed a taste for the sport and are pretty damn good.

Football, which is widely held to be a man’s sport in Kerala, has become very popular among the girls too. Football enthusiast Angel Adolfes says that girls find playing football challenging because it requires a lot of stamina and toughness. Now that football has been introduced into school curriculum, girls are finally getting the opportunity to play football—something that never used to happen in the past. P. K. Lakshmika Rao, a high school girl in Kerala, said that girl students are eager to win national-level football tournaments.

State-level senior player Anju E. S. said that life is not that easy for girl football players as they get teased by boys and criticized by neighbors and relatives for “wearing shorts” and “playing a boys’ game.” On the brighter side, many critics of women’s football have now realized that women too can excel at a man’s game.

The girls have also outshone the boys in several football matches. Angel, who was part of a team that recently beat a boys’ football team, said that playing football with boys is tougher than playing football with girls as it requires a great deal of stamina, toughness, and strength.

Kerala women football players are also willing to put football ahead of marriage. Many of them are determined to choose partners who will not mind if they continue with the sport after marriage. According to Anju, they are eager to follow in the footsteps of Shiny Wilson, P. T. Usha, and Anju Bobby George. She also points out that several women football players have chosen to remain single simply because they want to focus on football.

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