Small Town Players Good for Indian Cricket, Says Biswal

india small townRanjit Biswal, who has been the manager of the team during World Cup 2011 and Asia Cup 2012, is of the opinion that the team has done well because of players hailing from small towns.

Explaining his statement, he said that players from metropolitan cities tend to get overconfident. Expressing his appreciation of players hailing from smaller towns, he said that they are fearless and willing to prove their worth. The presence of small-town players such as Jadeja, Umesh Yadav, and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar in the team proves that cricket is no longer a metropolitan game, he opined.

Biswal was one of those who selected players for the team that played the T20 World Championships back in 2007. Having long been the manager of the Indian cricket team, he refers to Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the team’s “mascot.”

Speaking about Dhoni, Biswal said that Dhoni is India’s best captain as he maintains his cool on the field, encourages younger players, and boosts their confidence. Dhoni is a great captain not just because of his performance on field, but also because of his jovial and fun-loving attitude outside the field, he said.

During the last two years, Dhoni has played an important role in the team’s greatest achievements.

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