Fall of Rupee Might Profit Goa’s Casino Industry

rupee decreasing in value-1While many Indians are upset about the rupee’s fall to sixty per US dollar, a few see great opportunity in it. The fall of the rupee means that Indians who like to travel abroad must cut costs, but foreign tourists to India can have an affordable vacation. It also means that the casino satta industry in Goa can look forward to more foreign customers.

Srinivas Nayak, who is associated with the Casinos Association of Goa, says that Goa casinos will have to spend more on importing gambling equipment and machines such as gambling tables, slot machines and video poker machines, and surveillance devices. Besides, customs duty will also increase. But the dark cloud has a silver lining.

Mr. Nayak says that India will now become an attractive vacation destination for foreign vacationers, and the fall of the rupee will enable them to spend more in India. Tourists, who once used to vacation in cheaper Southeast Asian countries, may now consider India. Many of them will consider visiting Goa’s casinos, he opined.

Further, he said that Indian tourists might give up their plans to vacation in foreign countries and consider Goa as a vacation destination, and this means that Goa’s casino satta industry might generate more revenue.

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