Players Guide to Legal Satta on the Internet

This guide was created for people based in India. On this website we un-complicate the online satta process by determining what betting sites allow Indian customers, where it is legal to play from, what sites allow Rupees and most importantly, where your money is safe.

For the latest news on betting by a games guide please use the tabs located above you. On the left hand side the linked pages discuss in detail how to open an account and begin betting within all of India’s 28 States and 7 Unions. Legal counsel has been sought and has approved you can legally bet at approved casinos, sport books, and poker sites mentioned hereof.

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Satta Bazaar – Brief Review on Gambling in India

Many news sources will have you believe that the act of placing a wager on the internet or at a local bookie is illegal. We are making our efforts to clear up this fallacy. While betting is indeed frowned upon in India there is no one law that forbids the act. Laws such as the Information Technology Act of 2011 (meant to outlaw online gambling) have proven unsuccessful in a Betfair vs ITA 2011 case.

Other laws such as the 1867 Gambling Prohibition Act are out of date and will not hold up in court. In fact to this date no one single person has been fined for playing online.

We have reviewed over 100+ websites for India compatibility. Please be assured that your money is 100% safe with these websites. Please visit our betting sites page for a full breakdown to find a site that suits you best.

By admin / July 10, 2013
India has several gambling addicts, and many of them are very young. For instance, 26-year-old Gurpreet Singh used to bet on almost anything he could and lost a lot of money. The recent IPL satta scandal terrified him and he finally decided to seek the help of a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists say that gambling addiction is […] Read Full Article
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India has overtaken England in the world test cricket rankings and now occupies the second rank. The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced that India has shot up to the second rank because of the English test team’s inconsistent performance. Early in 2012, Pakistan beat England in a series of three test cricket matches, which were […] Read Full Article